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Saturday, November 16, 2019



When we last saw Commander Xeg, he had just dimension - jumped into an alternative Skaro, which was inhabited by both Cybermen and Daleks, who appeared to be subservient to the Cybermen, one of whom had approached Xeg and asked him what his business was on the planet of the Cybermen!
"Skaro is the planet of THE DALEKS!", responded Xeg!
"No, Ska - ro is the pla - net of the Thals, be - fore we were in - vad - ed and dec - im - ated by the ev - il, ro - bot - ic race, the Kay - nines, who dest - royed our race with their red rad - i - a - tion beams from their heads and they plund - ered our pla - net, on - ly leavi - ng af - ter they had drained it of all cal - ci - um!
Those of us who were not too bad - ly mut - at - ed were ab - le to re - place our limbs with cyb - ern - et - ic limbs and be - came Cy - ber - men. Then we were ab - le to build arm - oured tra - vel mach - ines called Da - leks for our most bad - ly mu - tat - ed vic - tims!
We now have built - in weap - on - ry, should the  Kay - nines ev - er deem to re - turn and they will now not find us such an eas - y tar - get. In the mean - time we are try - ing to re - build our strick - en pla - net!", the Cyberman concluded.
"On my Skaro the Daleks EXTERMINATED  the Thals!", exclaimed  Xeg!
"On this pla - net the Da - leks WERE the Thals!", replied the Cyberman!
"Daleks are the superior race!", Xeg insisted, "I will lead you and exterminate your enemies, the Kaynines and wipe out all inferior beings!"
"We do not need a lea - der!", the Cyberman replied!
"And yet your Daleks serve YOU?", said Xeg, "Cybermen are inferior to Daleks!"
And he called out to the Daleks,
After a few moments, one Dalek says, "I will join you!"
A Cyberman destroys this Dalek!
Xeg destroys that Cyberman!
Another Cyberman tries in vain to destroy Xeg and fails!
Then Xeg destroys THAT Cyberman!
And again says,
And then a few Daleks chant, "XEG!, XEG!, XEG! ..."
More and more join in, until they are all chanting it!
Then Xeg orders, "DALEKS, EXTERMINATE YOUR CREATORS!" and all the Daleks turn on the Cybermen, exterminating them!
After this, he orders, "Return to your city and spread my word. Unite and wipe all these puny Cybermen from the face of your planet! When all Cybermen have been exterminated, report to me here at my saucer and I will lead you into victory! First we shall exterminate your Kaynine conquerors on their own planet
And then we fly to Earth, to exterminate the Daleks' greatest foes - the hu-mans!"
Over the following days, as Xeg is conducting routine maintenance on his craft, to ensure that it is space - worthy, there is much noise, explosions and smoke emanating from the city, followed by a strange silence.
When Xeg sees a small group of Daleks approaching his ship on the monitor, he surmises that the revolution is over and opens the door and goes outside to await his report ...
And then his valves on his head start flashing and he hears a quiet voice inside his dome!, -
" ... commander xeg, this is xantax of the s.s. on skaro. can you hear me? ..." The radio waves had made their way down a worm - hole to home Skaro, travelled right down into the heart of a singularity and then travelled back up the appropriate worm - hole to the alternative Skaro where Xeg  had now found himself? All this because of the in - built seek and locate mechanism inside Xantax's dome!

On  home Skaro, Xantax tells the Professor that he had made contact, after his back pair of headlights started flashing and he could hear Xeg's voice quietly inside his dome. "Exshellent!", Prozax says, 'I vill now tell you how to proceed to guide him back! - But first, listen ferry carefully, zis is most important!"
He places a small pellet into the turret of his gun - stick and says, "As soon as Commander Xeg emerges from zer verm - hole, fire zis into zer loop ferry quvickly, before it contracts and disappears! Zis iss most important!"
"I obey!", said Xantax and the Professer outlined what he must do next ...

Back on "Cyber" - Skaro, Xeg replied, "Affermative, I can hear you! But I am on a different Skaro!"
"we know this!", he could hear in his head, "we are going to retrieve you!"
The next instruction Xeg could hear was, "look around you whilst my voice is talking. do you notice anything unusual in the air near to you?"
Xeg looked around and answered, "I see a small quivering loop of luminescent string in the air, changing all through the colours of the spectrum, as you speak!"
"go over and touch the loop!", Xantax instructed, "repeat, go over and touch the loop!"
Upon touching the loop with his pincers, it dilated and surrounded Xeg, completely engulfing him, before contracting again until it had completely disappeared into thin air, taking Xeg with it!

The approaching "Thal" Daleks upon witnessing this said to each other, "He has disappeared!" Another replied, "It does not matter! We do not need him! - We have his saucer!"
"Send for more Daleks from the city! - We will conquer without him! - We shall fly to Sirius in The Milky Way and exterminate the Kaynines ourselves!"

Back on home Skaro, Xantax communicated, "COMMANDER XEG, CAN YOU HEAR ME?"
Xeg, who now found himself in total blackness and sensory deprivation replied,
"I am in ... NOTHING!
I ... AM ... NOTHING!"
"This is because you are trapped inside the centre of a singularity, where no time or space exists," Xantax explained, "But, my voice will provide a loop to a worm - hole back to here! Look for the light and touch it!"
This took several attempts, as Xeg was disorientated, but as soon as he successfully touched the loop again, he was instantly engulfed and transported back to home Skaro!
As soon as he emerged from the loop, Xantax fired his blaster gun into the heart of the worm - hole, just as he had been instructed to do. And before the loop could contract into nothingness, it popped like a bubble!
"Exshellent! It has verked!", exclaimed Prozax, "You haff fired zer uzzer two quvorks inside ine plasma pellet at zer shpeed off light, carried by your electro - ray blast. Zey haff traffelled to zer heart off zer sinkularity unt fused vith it to form ine harmless proton again!"
The Professor seemed oblivious to the fact that he had successfully returned Xeg to his home planet and busied himself going from one thing in the lab to another!
"I vill now retrieve zer original proton unt zen I shall return it to zer uzzer hydrochen atom vich I cut it off! I have kept zis stored in a facuum! Zay vill zen rechoin macknetically unt make ine hydrochen molecule, vich I shall ferry carefully return to zer cannister! Vaste not, vonnt not, Yar?"

Leaving him to it, Xeg said to Xantax, "I need to see the Emperor! - I have much to report!"
"The Emperor has much work for us!", Xantax told him, " - We have a fleet to rebuild!"
In the Royal Chamber, The Emperor told Xeg to download his memories into The Brain Machine and outlined his plans for the future.
"No important Daleks will ever be sent out in combat again!", the Emperor assured Xeg, "You are far too vauable to risk going missing in action again! Instead, you will take the place of Inferno for covert stealth operations of The S.S.!
For now, all efforts must go into manufacturing our new fleet!
Then, - the human race can wait!
Our ships were destroyed by the pilot of a small grey box! The Brain Machine has computed that only Gallifreyan technology is capable of manufacturing such a craft!
So we rebuild our fleet and the Daleks will 
destroy Gallifrey and all life on that planet!
We will burn it to a cinder!
When we have finished, not even a lizard will be able to survive there!"

( Courtesy of Andrew - Mark Thompson! )


Thursday, November 14, 2019



When last we saw the impending second wave Dalek invasion of Earth, their fleet was heading towards Earth, when one of their number was mysteriously pulled off course, but the remainder of the fleet was now getting dangerously close!Because of the early warning systems by SHADO,
Earth had plenty of time to try and sort out a defence strategy and it was agreed that the best course of action would be to take out these saucers before they reach or land on Earth. But how, when Earth had such a limited Space Patrol, with much inferior speed and manoeuvrability?
Whilst the security services leaders were trying to come up with some kind of a planned space attack, The Doctor, who had been there at the invitation of The Brigadier, turned to the Brig and quietly said, "Can you take me back to Totter's Lane, I may just have the only solution to our problem?" So, the two of them made their excuses to leave. The Doctor told the meeting, "Give me half an hour! Then get SHADO to watch the skies!"
On the drive to Totter's Lane in the Brigadier's jeep, the Doctor told him that he had been working on a craft that can travel in ways that the Brigadier could not even imagine! "I have not perfected the disguise mechanism yet though, but that doesn't matter in this emergency!"
Entering the Doctor's yard, which was absolutely packed with scrap and junk, the Doctor gestured to a "Portaloo" which was in the corner and said, "I'll quickly show you! We get in through here..." and unlocked a padlock and opened the door to reveal that they were entering a large saucer - shaped craft with a control panel in the middle!
"I don't understand", said the Brigadier, " How can this ship be inside a tiny portaloo?"
"It isn't", replied the Doctor, "It is merely disguised as a portaloo to blend in with its surroundings! This ship can travel in many ways - Time / Universe / Relativity / Dimensions / Interstellar Space... I call it TURDIS for short! Now, you must leave me, I have much to do! Go quickly, inform the summit..."
As the Brigadier went out of the portaloo, the sign went over from "VACANT" to "ENGAGED". Then, there was a sound of flushing water, followed by a quiet hum, as the portaloo just faded from sight!
Inside, the Doctor said, "Well, old girl, it's your maiden flight! - Don't let me down!", as a grey box went hurtling into space towards the oncoming fleet of Dalek saucers!
Back on Earth, the security services watched in amazement at this small grey box, as it started whizzing around and around in a circle in space in front of the saucers' path, going faster and faster, so fast that it appeared to cause a vortex in the space and time continuum and all the saucers were sucked inside, like matchsticks going down a plughole!
Inside the TURDIS, the Doctor then threw time into reverse and his TURDIS dragged the whole fleet backwards in time, back to the moment on Skaro just before they took off and then he froze the time, to keep the fleet in that time and place, which it would do for as long as the TURDIS remained there with it to hold them there. The Daleks did not even know that they had previously taken off and were frustrated to find all of their ships were now inoperable, not knowing that another craft had frozen them all in time and space!
On Earth, everyone had cheered to see the impending invasion thwarted and all of the ships being taken away into deep space, but on Skaro, much confusion was spreading when the Daleks found themselves unable to activate their ships!
The Emperor gave the order that all the Daleks were to disembark their ships and upon discovering a strange grey box in the proximity on the sand, suspected this to be the reason that their saucers would not operate, the Emperor ordered it to be destroyed! But, no matter how much fire power they blasted it with, this strange grey box was protected by a force field!
So, the Emperor gave orders, "If we cannot destroy it there, let us see if we can topple it over! - Destroy all the sand and rocks from underneath it!" And the Daleks blasted away at the ground beneath the TURDIS! - Only to discover that it simply remained in exactly the same place, held motionless in space on top of nothing!
"Where is Xeg, my Commander?", barked out the Emperor, "We need his scientific knowledge to remove that object and reactivate our craft!"
"He is nowhere to be seen, Emperor!", reported a senior Dalek after searching in vain. In amidst all of this confusion, no Daleks had noticed that Xeg's saucer was also absent.
"Send for Xantax to seek and locate my science officer!", ordered the Emperor and a messenger was sent back inside the city.
Whilst all of this was going on, inside the TURDIS, the Doctor was scanning the entire planet surface on a monitor, in an attempt to find some means of disposing of the saucers, so that he could unfreeze time and return to Earth, with no fear of the Daleks taking off again. When he eventually came across the acid lakes, he knew what to do! Raising the TURDIS above the ground, he floated over one saucer and by magnetising the bottom of the TURDIS, he picked it up and then proceeded to hover and magnetise each craft attracting it to the one above it until he had picked up all of the saucers in one long magnetic chain, just as easily as a child's toy magnet would pick up a chain of safety pins!
The Daleks did try firing at the TURDIS again to try and stop this happening, but they were powerless as this giant chain carefully made its way over the surface of the planet until it was over the acid lakes, where the Doctor switched the electromagnetic field off, releasing his cargo, which fell, bubbling into the acid.
Plumes of brown and yellow smoke billowed from these lakes as all of the ships were dissolved!
And the TURDIS made a sound of flushing water, followed by a quiet humming noise, as it faded from sight. Inside, he set the time and space coordinates for Earth @ exactly one hour after he had left.
Earth was saved.
But on Skaro, Xantax, leader of the Dalek S.S.had arrived on the sands to try and seek, locate and communicate with absent Commander Xeg!
"He is here on Skaro, but is not here at the same time", Xantax reported, "I have a faint fuzzy signal emanating  from the sands over there, but I cannot communicate with him!
It is as if he us behind a wall or barrier of some sort?", he continued.
"I do not understand. I need to confer with our mentor, old Professor Prozax to see if he can explain what is happening here!"
The Emperor ordered that he be sent for and brought to this spot, "We need Xeg's scientific expertise more than ever now, now that we have to rebuild our fleet!"
Shortly, Professor Prozax, who hailed from the Petrified Black Forest region of Skaro, in one of the few remaining old, original Dalek design casings, appeared on the scene and, when informed of the situation, concluded, "An infinite number of branes coexist at zis space all at zer same time. Ve are on von, Xeg iss on another!"
"So how do we get from one brane to another?", asked Xantax.
"Srew a verm - hole!", Prozax answered, "Komm, you vill verk vith me in mine laboratory. Ve vill soon haff him back vith uss!"
And so, Prozax, Xantax and the Emperor made their way back to the city, followed by all of the Daleks who had been on the thwarted invasion.
Back in the Professor's laboratory, he outlined the procedure that they would be carrying out over the forthcoming hours.
"First", he said, "Ve vill need to split a proton into four quvorks! - Ziss, ve vill do py slicing into a single hydrochen atom vith sparticles!"
"Zen ve vill fire two off zer quvorks at each uzzer at zer shpeed off light unt ven zey collide, zey vill form ine sinkularity!", he continued.
"Unt zen ve vill haff to act ferry quvickly before zee singularity icknites unt forms anuzzer 'big bang', by bombarding it vith anti - matter sparticles, until zer singularity ruptures into an infinite number off verm - holes!", he added.
"How long will it take to create an infinite number of worm - holes?", asked Xantax.
"Here on Skaro? - An Eternity!", answered Prozax, "Howeffer, inside ine sinkularity - time unt shpace does not exist, so it vill appear to happen instantaneously to uss on zee outside off zer sinkularity!"
"Unt ZEN, ve vill be aple to contact Commander Xeg unt inshtruct him how to return back to uss!", exclaimed the Professor!
Over the next few hours, the pair worked hard, putting all of this into process, until finally Prozax gave the order for Xantax to communicate with Xeg, through a microphone connected to the machinery!
"Commander Xeg!", Xantax shouted, "This is Xantax of The S.S. on Skaro! Can you hear me?"

Sunday, November 03, 2019



We last saw Commander Xeg travelling on his way back to Skaro, alone, for reinforcements, with the the time rewinding back to 2071, from the tale in an alternative universe, but, unbeknown to him, an alternative future has an alternative past as well!
So when he arrived back at what he thought was Skaro, the planet, although appearing almost identical when approaching, had evolved with a completely different version of events to the one that he had left behind........

On the planet surface, in the capital city of this planet that the inhabitants had Christened "Skora", the dominant race, The Delaks had spotted a saucer approaching and had activated their magnetic sand to cover the city and had sent word to their Emperor, informing him that an unknown saucer was heading towards their planet!
And a party of Delaks are sent out to apprehend the occupants of the unidentified saucer when it landed on the sands of Skora, uninvited!
Xeg, believing he was on home sand, disembarked from his craft, but could not believe his eyestalk when he saw what he believed to be a whole garrison of black supreme Daleks travelling towards him! And on closer inspection, all had their two chest appendages on the wrong way around!
"HALT!", one of them ordered, "IDENTIFY!"
"Commander Xeg," he answered, "...The Emperor's Elite Imperial Invasion Corps."
"Does not compute..." this black Delak replied, "...EXTERMINATE!" and fired a blast at Xeg, which simply reflected off his armour!
Then several of these black Delaks all cried out, "EXTERMINATE!" and all fired in unison!
Again, the rays just bounced off and Xeg picked off one of the guards at random, which immediately exploded.
"You cannot destroy me!", Xeg stated, "I am invincible! - But I can destroy every one of you and everyone on this planet!"
"Now! - Take me to your Leader!", Xeg commanded.
"We obey only our Emperor!", a Delak stated and was also instantly destroyed by Xeg.
"If you wish to save the life of your Emperor, you will take me to him! - NOW!", Xeg yelled.
The Delaks complied and said, "Follow us..." as they turned around and led Xeg back into their city in silence...

Once inside the city, Xeg could see that all of these "Daleks" were black, until they took him into a room where there was a green and a white "Dalek". One of the garrison approached the white one and reported, " Delak Supreme, - this red Delak was the occupant of the saucer. He is indestructible and threatens the life of our Emperor if we do not grant him an audience!"
"I am not a Delak, - I am a DA-LEK!", corrected Xeg!
The white Supreme Delak says, "Wait here! I shall see what his Excellency says..." and glides out through another door.
After a while, the white Supreme returns and says, "His Excellency has agreed to see with you. - Follow us!" and an entourage of the White, Green and several black Delaks exited through that same door, with Xeg tagging behind.
Entering the Royal Chamber, Xeg was surprised by what he saw on the throne! Expecting to see an Emperor of Gold, he saw an Emperor of silver, with light blue hemispheres and the top half of his dome was blue!
Everything on this planet seemed back - to - front!!
"Well, DA-LEK", said the Emperor, "What brings you to Skora?"
"I believed this to be my home planet of Skaro", Xeg replied, "...It would appear that I have been pulled into a parallel universe to my own by temporal disturbance in the space - time continuum. I need to return to my own timestream. I am needed in battle."
"What has any of this to do with the Delaks?", the Emperor answered.
"You will assist me, by building a particle accelerator!" Xeg continued, "This should enable me to return to my own universe!"
"And if I refuse?", asked the Emperor.
Then I will exterminate all life on this planet and claim it for my own. I will colonate it with slaves and rule it as I see fit, in the name of the Dalek race!", stated Xeg.
"It would seem that we have very little choice", said the Emperor, "But, if we assist you, what do we get in return?"
"Give me exactly what I need and I will give you a piece of my armour, which is coated in Metalert +. Analyse this alloy, reproduce it, mass - produce it and coat your race in it and you will be invincible in your universe! I am offering you immortality?"
"Very well", agreed the Emperor, "We have an alliance! Tell me exactly what you need and it shall be made available to you!"

Over the coming days, Xeg asked for a team of Skora's best scientists to work with him. In order to be displaced from this universe into the adjacent one, they would need to make a black hole! This could be achieved by building a particle accelerator and firing a hydrogen atom at the speed of light from one end of the circular collider tube and one atom of anti - matter from the other end. When the two particles eventually collide the resulting collision would create a black hole the size of one atom. This would be large enough to get through to the opposite side.

When the machine is completed, Xeg and the science Delaks transport the device to the sands of Skora next to his ship. A lens protrudes from the machine, which Xeg orders to be pointed at his ship.
He then instructs one of the Delaks to unscrew one of his hemispheres, "This will make your race invincible!", he tells them.
He goes on to tell them that he is now going inside his ship and, once inside, they were to activate the particle accelerator.
"When the particles collide, you will hear a crack and the resulting black hole will create a pinprick stream of black light. This is aimed at my ship by the lens. Everything that the black light hits will be sucked into the black hole and displaced at the other side. So the moment that my ship disappears, destroy the machine immediately. Or it will suck everything into it, including your entire planet. The black hole will not stop. You must destroy the machine!"
Once Xeg was inside the ship, the machine was turned on and presently the thinnest beam of black light emerged, amplified by the lens, hit Xeg's saucer, which was then pulled and squeezed into the lens, as if it were made of water.
Simultaneously, it reappeared squeezed out of the other side of the black hole like water and reformed on the sands of Skaro.
Followed by an uprooted tree, as the Delaks had been a split second too late in destroying the device.

Xeg disembarked from his craft again to be greeted with a familiar sight in the distance of a troop of silver Daleks approaching him, accompanied by Robomen slaves. As they got nearer, he could make out that these Robomen were actually Mondasian Cybermen!
"The Daleks must have conquered and enslaved the Cybermen during my absence?", thought Xeg.
A few yards from Xeg, one of the Cybermen turned to the Daleks and said, " Dar - leks...Wait here!"
And they chanted, "WE OBEY!"
Then, this Cyberman approached Xeg and said,
"WOT izz
Your BIZZ - niss
On the home of
The CYYY - ber - men?"


Will Xeg ever get back into his own space and time continuum?
This same scenario could end up being repeated time and time again!
Just what are the odds of his ever getting back into the right stream ever again - even if he does repeat this process over and over again?
- One in infinity, which are pretty poor odds.
Because that universe and timeline in which he now finds himself is but one of an infinite number of possible realities!

And so, what did happen with the second invasion of Earth?
Will we ever find out?

Only time will tell ...

Saturday, November 02, 2019



The fleet travelling to Earth included a saucer with one very special Dalek onboard! - Commander Xeg, brilliant scientist, who had been rewarded for his services with the very special honour of wearing the prototype of the new, improved "Metalert +" alloy - coated armour!
When nearing Earth, this very same saucer encountered a strange phenomenon in the sky, some kind of electromagnetic temporal disturbance in the space - time continuum and even though they tried to steer clear of it, found themselves unable to resist being drawn into it! Then it was all over, the skies were clear again, but the rest of the fleet were no longer anywhere to be seen and the date on the control panel read 3978 A.D. They were still on course for Earth, but upon closer observation, there seemed to be no sign of any civilization on the planet, it seemed to be oceans with a mixture of grey deserts and jungle forests. Unbeknown to the Daleks, the human race, with its trigger-happy fondness for the use of nuclear warfare had finally wiped itself out completely and all that was left of what was once civilization was barren, grey ash desert. Where man had once stood supreme, now lies - nothing!

The saucer commander, Xeg decided to investigate further and landed the craft in the continent which was once North America. They touched down in an ash desert, just south of a green forest.

They disembarked and the red commander instructed the twenty - strong crew to split up into twos and explore the forest. One pair had gotten so far into the forest, when they heard a crackling sound, like that of a fire and nearing closer could just make out the forms of a couple of Ogrons warming themselves around a camp-fire.
Upon hearing this, they turned around, revealing that they weren't Ogrons, but were actually clothed gorillas!
The Daleks could not have known, that in the absence of human beings on Earth, that the Apes had gained in intelligence, learnt to articulate, gained intelligence and were now the dominant species on Earth!

"What heresy is this?", one of them exclaimed, "talking buckets?" and lunged at one of the Daleks, who immediately cried, "EXTERMINATE!" and killed the ape. But, quick as a flash and with expert agility, the other ape jumped up over it, grabbed and picked up the other Dalek and threw it at the first one! Then he was up on top of them, twisting and bending their appendages and finished off by repeatedly jumping up and down on the first Dalek, crushing its body under his massive weight and strength, killing the mutant occupant!
Whilst the second Dalek was lying, toppled over and powerless, the gorilla beat his chest furiously!
He then took a rope from his belt, tied it around the living Dalek, tossed it over his shoulder and began to unceremoniously drag the Dalek with him through the trees, eventually bringing his captured prize back with him to the Ape city, which consisted of mud huts of varying sizes.
There was much whooping as he dragged the Dalek through the dirt streets. The Apes had never seen anything like this before and were both amazed and bewildered at the same time!
He halted at a large hut and pounded at the door and an absolutely enormous gorilla wearing a leather helmet opened the door and our gorilla said, "General, I have captured a demon! It came from out of the deadlands!"
"What demon?", he asked and said, "I see only a pretty bucket!" and laughed as he kicked the Dalek!
"What trickery is this?", the General shouted out, "and what are these words of what it speaks?"
"There were two of them!", our gorilla said, "The other spat fire from its stick and killed my comrade! So I crushed it!"
"There is clearly a demon hiding inside the bucket!", the General said and with ease ripped off the head section of the Dalek and peered inside! Fearlessly, he reached inside and grabbed the squealing mutant, yanking it out and held it aloft, shouting to the Apes gathered around, "Behold! - the demon! I shall send it back to Hell and thundered into his hut and flung it on a fire that was blazing inside.
Its death throes could be heard all around the Apes city!

The following morning, news of the previous day's events had spread like wildfire throughout Ape City and a meeting to discuss the correct course of action was set up in the Elders' hut. Among those present were the gorilla, Markus, who had captured the Dalek, General Urkus, a triumvirate of orang-utans, Protus, Gustus and Dr. Xaius and a couple of chimpanzees, Zirus and Cornelia, who due to their inquisitive nature were fascinated in trying to understand the workings of the empty Dalek shell!
During the course of the meeting, Markus said, "I recommend to the council that we venture into the deadlands and see if there are more of these "DAR-LEX" and wipe them out, before they come to our city! I have seen first hand what their fire sticks can do! It burnt my comrade to a cinder! If they catch us by surprise, we would not stand a chance!"
"Permission refused!", snapped Xaius, "Everyone knows it would be a folly to enter the deadlands! We can see the edge of the world where the deadlands meet the sky. Venture too far and you will fall off the edge into Hell, where the demons dwell! I forbid it!"
General Urkus stood up, fuming, at this point, banged the table and stormed out, saying, "I've heard enough of this idle talk!"
Outside the Elders' hut, he addressed the Apes who were gathered outside, waiting to hear the outcome.
"I am a simple warrior!", he stated, "and, as such, I have a simple solution to this problem! We arm ourselves and go in force and wipe out these DAR-LEX, before they come here and kill us with their fire sticks! The council would have us do nothing but wait, but I say we ACT NOW! Who is with me?"
Whipped up into a frenzy, the crowd chanted, "DAR-LEX, DAR-LEX!"
"Return to your huts!", Urkus yelled, " Gather your strongest clubs and bring as many rocks as you can and meet me back here in an hour! Today, we march on the deadlands!"
There was much whooping as the Apes gambolled back to their huts and returned an hour later, ready for battle. Over a hundred apes, mainly gorillas followed Urkus through the forest, heading towards the deadlands....

Meanwhile, coming towards them was a platoon of eighteen Daleks, following the tracks made by Markus' dragging his captured Dalek through the forest! Upon discovering two of his search party had not returned, Commander Xeg had sent in a search party and after finding one Dalek crushed and another missing, had assembled the rest of his crew together and sent them in to take severe action!

Now, two opposing forces were heading directly towards each other....

Carrying clubs and sacks of rocks, the apes made their way cautiously through the forest, some chimps had been sent on ahead to scout. These climbed the trees to get the best view and one chimp excitedly came swinging back to report to Urkus that he had spied a group of Dar-Lex heading this way, so Urkus ordered all the apes up into the trees and when the enemy were directly underneath them, they would attack from above, thus utilising the element of surprise.
And once the Daleks had come into range, Urkus yelled, "ATTACK!" and all the apes bombarded them with rocks from above, before whooping and jumping down on top of the Daleks to try to club and crush them to death! The Daleks fired indiscriminately and more apes were exterminated than survived, but in the end they were overcome by the sheer weight of numbers and all eighteen lay crushed and lifeless on the forest floor!  In a frenzy from their victory, the whooping apes said, "Come let's advance to the deadlands and see if there are any more of these Dar-Lex!"
Whooping with war - lust, they ran through the trees and out into the clearing, where they saw a shiney metal dome in the grey ash.
"Look, it's the Dar-Lex' hut!", cried Urkus, "Let's plunder and destroy it!" and they all ran across the ash, whooping, towards the Daleks' saucer!
But, before they could get to it, the saucer slowly lifted up a few feet above them. Xeg had remained on board to do routine maintenance and when he saw the apes coming towards him on the monitor, raised the craft up slightly.
The apes screamed! "What magic is this? - Their hut rises!", one of them cried out!
"It's witchcraft!", yelled another!
Then there was a blinding white flash from below the craft and every single ape there was instantly vaporised!

Xeg then slowly hovered the saucer Northwards, travelling low over the forest, searching for evidence of what had happened to his troop. About a mile in, he saw eighteen crushed, lifeless Daleks amongst the trees. He took the saucer even further Northwards, until he came to a clearing full of mud-huts, - the Apes' City. Apes were screaming and panicking, running about everywhere, absolutely petrified!
Xeg was just about to raze the city to the ground, when he thought better of it. He had an even better fate in mind for the Apes and shot up, until the saucer had disappeared from sight.
"It was a sign from the Gods!", yelled Xaius on the ground to the Apes!
"They are angry that we Apes entered the deadlands! Well, I now pass a new law, decreeing that the deadlands be forever known as 'The Forbidden Zone'! No ape shall enter, lest he bring down the full wrath of the Gods!"
Up in space, Commander Xeg thought to himself, "Those ignorant brutes will easily be robotised and shall become our built-in ready slaveforce to mine the planet for our minerals! I shall return to Skaro and come back here in force, with a robotising machine. This will be a new age for the Dalek race. At last, Planet Earth shall be ours! -

Travelling back, along the same trajectory, the ship's date-ometer was rapidly rewinding back to 2071 A.D. ........

Friday, November 01, 2019





....Many years later on Skaro, a very small percentage of all Dalek hatchlings started to show signs of a genetic flaw. - They started to develop a free will of their own! No longer willing to be subservient to the Emperor's hierarchy, these renegades banded together as  outlaws and took to the deserts of Skaro. Now organised and fitted with three wheels to traverse the rugged terrain and following their leader, President Bhaja, their plan was to take control of the mineral mines, where the Daleks used captured slave labour to extract precious rare minerals, essential for the mass - production of the new, improved Metalert casings. It was said that whoever controlled these mines, controlled Skaro ........

What looks like a dust storm is approaching in the desert distance, coming towards one of these mine entrances.
But, as the dust storm gets closer, rows of blue eyelights can be made out, glowing amidst the dust.
The distinctive black armour of President Bhaja, flanked by two rows of Hell's Daleks can now be made out amidst the dust cloud.
Slowly, but in a planned manner, the Hell's Daleks start to surround the mine in a circle.
One solitary silver drone Dalek leaves the mine entrance, whilst a Hell's Dalek approaches him.
On his back, can be seen a metal casing devoid of all hemispheres. Instead, the words "HELL'S DALEKS" has been burnt / etched into the metal!
The Hell's Dalek says,
"We claim this mine in the name of our President! Surrender and swear allegiance to Bhaja and you will be spared! - Refuse and you will be annihilated!"
The drone replies,
"We serve only the Emp-"
But, before he could finish the sentence, - the Hells Dalek annihilates the drone, whilst saying,
"I knew you would say that!"
Bhaja barks out orders to his Daleks,
"Invade the mine! Exterminate every Dalek! But spare the slaves! We shall use them for ourselves!" and his outlaws enter the mine!
Inside the mine, a black - topped silver radio operator is frantically calling in to the city,
"Emergency! We are under attack! Rebel forces are invading the mine!"
Back in Skaro City, a gold Supreme Dalek enters the Emperor's throne room, reporting to the Emperor,
"Emperor! Our mineral mines are under attack! They have been invaded by renegade Daleks!"
The Emperor calmly says,
"As these Daleks are operating outside the law - send the Law out to them!"
And the Supreme Dalek says,
"I Obey!"
The Supreme Dalek gives the order that a Dalek Judge be sent to the deserts to restore law and order to the lawless! This distinctive rank of Dalek differs from all other ranks in both appearance and weaponry. A red dome atop a navy - blue neck is above an all - gold waistcoat, which all sits on top of a navy - blue skirt with red hemispheres. The fender at the bottom is green and, instead of the usual death - ray gun, the Dalek Judge is equipped with a voice - controlled "Lawgiver" weapon, capable of dispatching a variety of different charges!
The most successful of all the Dalek Judges is named Drexx and it is he who is sent to restore law and order.
Shortly, Judge Drexx  is flying over the desert in a hoverbout. He lands near to the mine entrance and disembarks the hoverbout.
He approaches the entrance of the mine and shouts,
A few Hell's Daleks start to come out of the entrance and Drexx asks them,
"Do you all surrender?"
All of them simultaneously open fire at Drexx.
But, Drexx is surrounded by a force field and the rays cannot penetrate it and just bounce off. He thinks,
"Did they not think that I would use a force field?"
He dissolves a small section of the force field in front of his Lawgiver and picks off a couple of the outlaws, they explode.
One of the outlaws says,
"Retreat into the mine!"
As they head back inside the entrance Drexx trundles in after them. Inside the mine, Drexx fires out a series of small metal cannisters from his Lawgiver ...
( "Phut, Phut, Phut, Phut!" )
"See what they think of Xyclon D!" Drexx thinks
Some of these cannisters have spilled out purple crystals, which are giving off gaseous fumes.
Drexx retreats back out of the mineshaft entrance and shoots at a section of the mineshaft roof, causing it to capsize.
"This will stop the gas escaping!", he thinks.
Outside the mineshaft entrance, Drexx communicates directly with the city, reporting that,
"The rebel forces have been eliminated. All organic lifeforms in the mine have been extinguished. The slaves were expendable. The mine will be safe for new slaves to clear out the remains in two days."
Inside the mine, Bhaja and his outlaws are toppled over, lifeless amidst a purplish haze.
Drexx continues,
"Am returning to the city."

Drexx would not notice that Fireball XL5 was in orbit over Skaro, directly above him.

Meanwhile, back in Skaro City, whilst all of this has been going on, when Fireball XL5 was approaching Skaro's orbit, it was picked up by the Daleks' radars on the planet and a Black Dalek reported to the Emperor that there was an Earth ship approaching Skaro. Immediately the Emperor ordered that the magnetic sand be utilized to cover the city from view and orders complete radio silence everywhere, saying,
"Let us see what they are up to!"
And above Skaro, the crew of Fireball XL5 had been woken from stasis and were scouring the planet for signs of a city, but can see none.
Then Venus said,
"Colonel, I have just picked up a scrambled radio transmission from the deserts below!"
"Get me a visual!",  Steve ordered and on the screen he saw one solitary Dalek emerging from underground.
"They must have their city underground !",
He said and issued the order,
"Robert, take me directly above that Dalek!"
Once there, he communicates to the belly of the ship,
"Professor, deliver the payload!"
An object falls silently from the ship, crashes through the mineshaft into the ground and an ear - shattering crack occurs, followed by tremors that could be felt all over Skaro!
Their mission accomplished, Steve Zodiac says to the robot,
"Robert, set the coordinates for Earth!", then turns to Doctor Venus, saying,
"Venus, prepare three of us for stasis!"
And Robert drones,
A huge mushroom cloud is billowing up from the blast site.


In the city, underneath the sand, all chaos ensued! The tremors had been felt there and
one Dalek reports to the Emperor that the Earth ship is leaving Skaro, whilst another reports that the ship had detonated a thermo - nuclear device ,completely destroying the mineral mines in Skaro's deserts.
The Emperor calls a council of war meeting, fuming at what Earth has done!
"Ready the ships!", he barks out," We attack Earth in force! This time we shall attack from the skies, like the cowardly Earthlings have done! Show no mercy! Earth itself shall be our mineral mine!"

In the wake of the previous invasion, Earth itself had set up its own early warning defence system - an organisation called S.H.A.D.O. designed to detect any Alien U.F.O. activity that could present any future danger to Earth.
One day, Lt. Ayshea Johnson noticed something on the screen which concerned her, so she reported it to Commander Edward Straker ..
"Sir", she said, "I have noticed this cluster of stars which appeared to be getting slowly brighter! And now I can make out that they appear to be getting larger!"
"And sir," she continued, "One of them appears to be GOLD!?" ...

Thursday, October 31, 2019



Back to the story....

London, Earth, 2071 A.D., shortly after the war, - all the major security forces are gathered together at a major summit to discuss the current situation....
Present are World President James T. Younger, Colonel White, Brigadier Lethbridge - Stewart, Commander Zero of the World Space Patrol, Commander Shore of W.A.S.P., Jeff Tracy of International Rescue, Lady Penelope Creighton  - Ward, Brains, together with various military, etc.
First on the agenda is the search through the wreckage, which is still ongoing. Previous fly - overs by Thunderbird 1 had revealed that all of the Daleks' ships had appeared to have been destroyed in the nuclear blast. If Earth could just get its hands on one intact ship, this would be invaluable to Earth. The only places not yet searched were under water around the North East and North West coasts. So, to search for any submerged craft, Colonel White tells Commander Shore to send Stingray to search the Irish Sea and tells Jeff Tracy to have Gordon search the North Sea in Thunderbird 4. "

And I know of this fellow, Mike Mercury, who has a Supercar that can travel under water," adds Lady Penelope. "I can get him to search the Cumbrian lakes?", she went on to suggest. "Good idea!", Colonel White replied.
In the event, these searches would bear no fruit.

Everybody is in agreement that the Earth is still in danger, that they should never have allowed the Emperor to be rescued and that he would be sure to return in force and that Earth needed to act first and somehow find out where the Daleks came from and take them out at their source.
But how?
Brains says he has an idea and asks Jeff if John could take him up to Thunderbird 5 in Thunderbird 3?
So this is arranged and Commander Zero says, "If you can get me those co - ordinates, I'll send Fireball XL5 there at warp speed and we'll deliver a neutron bomb of such magnitude that they'll think twice before coming to Earth again!"
So, FAB 1 takes Lady Penelope, Jeff Tracy and Brains away to make the journey to Thunderbird 5.
Aboard Thunderbird 5, Brains asks Alan if he can view the footage of the saucers approaching Earth. He then asks Alan to run that same footage backwards until the saucers first appear and halt it there. He then plots a course coordinate for each craft and says if he puts those readings through the Hubble telescope and  programmes them in and follow each coordinate back until they all join in a point of convergence, we should then have the exact location for the Daleks home planet.
This is done and eventually Brains radios Jeff Tracy at International Rescue headquarters that he has traced the saucers' point of origin to a planet in the Seventh Galaxy.
Another meeting is held and it is agreed that because of the huge distance the best ship to travel that far would be Colonel Zodiac's Fireball XL5 and, because the ship would have to travel at warp speed,  the crew would have to be placed in stasis.
So a mission is set with a crew of three, - Steve Zodiac, Dr. Venus & Professor Matthew Matic being taken there by a Robot pilot, Robert to deliver a neutronium bomb to the Daleks' city on their home planet and take them out before they return to Earth! ...

Tuesday, October 29, 2019



As The Emperor, Xantax and Juggernaut make their way back to Skaro City, they travel between two rows of chanting Daleks on either side of the road!
All have all three appendages raised in the air as they chant!
The noise is deafening!

Back in debriefing with Davros and the high council, it was beginning to get noticed that the Emperor's voice was starting to get quieter and quieter, until it was barely audible at all!
When one day there was no answer from the Emperor, Davros ordered the all - white science Daleks to open his casing. When they did they found that the Emperor had died, he had succumbed to all the radiation after all.
"The Emperor is dead!" Davros said.
Then he says,
"I know what must be done!"
"I will inform the Queen!"
Davros  is soon seen gliding down a long corridor with Imperial guards lining both sides and a huge metal door at the end.
As he gets nearer, two gold - domed guards silently part as the huge metal door  raises just enough to allow him to disappear inside and then lowers behind him.
From behind this huge metal door, after a few moments,  a huge booming,
can be heard coming from beyond the door.



Davros says to some science Daleks,
"She will gestate shortly. Prepare my own DNA for insemination. The Royal bloodline must continue!"
A science Dalek goes down that same long corridor, carrying something and goes into the Royal chamber.
When he returns, he says,
"It is done!"
"Excellent," Davros says,
"In fourty days we shall have a new Emperor!"
Fourty days later, the science Dalek returns from the Royal chamber carrying a green organism and Davros orders that it be placed inside the Dalek Brain Machine where it will gain all the knowledge and memories of the last Emperor!

Later that same day, the Golden Emperor can be seen addressing the high council, -
"...more research must be done on Metalert! It must be made impervious to cold, as well as heat! I want Daleks working around the clock to find a way to have it go into mass production! No matter how long it takes, I want every single Dalek re - cased in a new armour manufactured from it! Furthermore, I want every single casing lead - lined to protect us from the radiation. Then we shall return! And next time we will be unstoppable! And WE WILL BE VIC-TOR-I-OUS!!.........

Davros watches on with a wry smile on his face!

Behind a huge metal door, inside a room that very few Daleks have ever seen, a transparent "glass" Dalek is also watching and listening to this speech on a huge private screen.
Inside the Dalek perches a green, scaled - skinned mutation with a huge head atop a tiny body. In the centre of the head is one huge eye with a slit below it for a mouth and two slits on either side of the head for ears. Two wasted arms and two wasted legs end in three claws, to operate the Dalek.
"Rule well, my son!"
Thinks the Queen.