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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


At this point in time, I hadn't yet encountered the JSA in Justice League and knew nothing of the golden-age DC heroes, so I didn't know who the Spectre was, or where he was returning from! But, this comic was heavily-publicized in the in-house ads of the DC comics of the time, and something about his appearance appealed to me, - I thought that his costume was vaguely "Batmanny"!
Anyway, one day I convinced my cousin that it would be a good comic to buy, when we were in a newsagents, and then, ( cheekily ), scrounged it off him, after he had finished with it!

In this issue, I had to wonder what would have happened to all the inhabitants of South America, after the earth had been smashed over the Spectre's head?
I can't remember if this issue was actually addressed, but the Spectre's bonce seemed none the worse!

Well, having an "Incredible Hulk" on the cover of a DC comic ( Man Mountain ) had the desired effect, in as much as it made me want to buy the issue.
I didn't bother buying any further Inferior Five issues.
'Nuff said!?

....And it's back to the Spectre again and in this issue his body gets possessed by the spirit of a dead man, but not THE Deadman, which would have made for a better tale!

Another comic plugged very heavily in DC in-house ads was this one, so I thought I'd try it to see what all the fuss was about?

I even tried the next issue as well to give it a fair chance, but it didn't really do much for me.
And, as he never got his own title, it would seem that he never made much of an impression on anybody!

So, starting from next post, I'll start with some of the titles from either the Brave and the Bold, or Showcase, that actually were popular enough to get their own titles.
And quite rightly so, too!

Sunday, November 20, 2016


In a break from showing my comic covers, here is a one-off sidewards step!  I have mentioned that I have a soft spot for homage covers, so when my elder daughter sent me these images yesterday, I thought that I just had to share them with you  all  both.
She had been looking at indie band, The Wedding Present on the internet and found that they had done their autobiography in comic book format, and, knowing that I'd be interested in the covers, sent me a link. I noticed certain similarities to some of the comics of the past, so, just for fun, see how many you can identify?
There is a no-prize for whoever gets the most right, so it's all to play for!













Apologies, bruv, if you have tuned in and are thinking, " I don't remember any of these comics! "  Our own comic covers will return in the next post!

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Before TB&TB became a Batman + guest star team-up comic, it used to be a tryout title for DC, showcasing new titles to see if they sold well enough to merit their own issues.
I had been trying out many different characters, but had not yet read either a Hawkman or an Aquaman, so when they both cropped up on this cover together, ( tackling DC's answer to Fin Fang Foom? ), I thought I would try it, to see what they were like.
Despite both heroes being given their own titles, I was never once tempted by the covers to buy one of either.
I guess that says it all?

This comic does, however, hold nostalgic memories for me, though, as it was one of three bought during a wet holiday in Barmouth, in 1965, when I was given half a crown spending money to buy some comic books to read, in order to pass some time at the B&B.
And, although this particular issue didn't particularly "do it for me", both of the other two titles that I also tried out for the very first time DID become firm DC favourites of mine!
But I will get to those in due course.
In the meantime, TB&TB started pairing up other duos together....but, before we get to that, here is the first tryout appearance of the Teen Titans! They were to return again in DC Showcase, before being given their own title.

In this next comic, I saw another couple of characters for the first time. At this point in time, I had not yet come across the JSA in Justice League of America, so knew nothing of the golden age characters or Earth II, but I noticed over the years that these two characters got paired together on a regular basis.

I did like Eclipso. He had a regular spot in the House Of Secrets and I always wanted to see him teamed up with / or against Green Lantern, but here he is anyway, casting his shadow over Batman!

I really LOVED the Metal Men! - Shape- changing robots, all with their own unique personalities. So, when Metamorpho, - a shape-changing element man came along, this was a team-up just waiting to happen! I always felt that he would have been better as part of this team, than on his own. The JLA did ask him to join, but he said, "No!"

Here's Metamorpho back again, this time getting mangled by Batman, who has been turned into a Bat-Hulk by his arch enemies!

Next up, we get Batman paired with Green Lantern. By now, the pairings would feature Batman plus guests on a regular basis!

My final offering sees the Caped Crusader with a character I had not yet seen before, - Deadman! The good thing about Deadman is you couldn't kill him, because he was already dead! I seem to recall reading him teamed up with the Spectre somewhere, which was a suitable pairing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


This was my first Detective Comic, it implies that Batman had been shot on the cover, but whether or not he actually had been is questionable? The pin-up may possibly be the Carmine Infantino famous "on top of a wall" picture? The back-up story featured The Elongated Man, who I didn't think was as good as Rubberman from the UK's SMASH comic!

This comic was also one of the four rebound in the Batman Double-Double comic that I had!

What's this? - A new Batgirl? Prior to this, Batgirl was just a little girl who cut out paper bats and dropped them out of a window to get noticed and rescued! But here, we have a bona
-fide crime-fighting heroine, in the shapely shape of Barbara Gordon.
We would be seeing quite a bit more of her!

I think that this was the fourth and final comic that was included in my Batman Double-Double comic?

Now then, in this issue Batgirl had been repeatedly pestering Batman to entrust her with his secret identity and, towards the end of the story, he finally acquiesces and unmasks, revealing Bruce Wayne to Batgirl!
Back at the Batcave, Robin cannot understand why he revealed all to her, but he tells him not to worry, as he had purposely left traces of grease-paint and make-up on his face, which he knew that shrewd detective, Batgirl couldn't help but notice, so she would think that he had disguised his face to look like Bruce and that now she would think that Batman is anybody but Bruce Wayne!

I'll tell you what puzzled me about this scenario and still does! - The crooks will now drool and gaze at Batgirl's legs, enabling the Dynamic Duo to clobber them!
BUT - they had already seen Batgirl's shapely legs, clad in tights! She always had them and hadn't just lost or removed a skirt! So why did the crooks wait until this very moment before they noticed? This did not make sense to me!

Sunday, November 13, 2016


World's Finest Comics was always one of my favourite DC titles, not only because it featured Superman and Batman together, but also because throughout the mid sixties, many  of the stories were of the much-maligned "sci fi" ilk that featured in Batman's own title, - a particular favourite genre of mine, ( and, it would seem, mine alone!? )
Anyway, quite a few here, the first one given to me by Richard Bradley and the last was one of my brother's, from a period when the comic was turning into a predecessor for " DC Comics Presents...." So, without any further ado, enjoy this gallery of covers!