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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


And straight on to another of my DC favourites, the Doom Patrol, - a team of freaks, led by a wheelchair-bound genius, Dr. Niles Caulder, simply known as "The Chief". The original team consisted of three core members, Robotman, Elasti-Girl and Negative Man.
Their first appearance was in My Greatest Adventure #80, where they stayed for a further five issues, but they became so popular that by issue #86, the comic book itself was re-Christened "The Doom Patrol"!

I was later to aquire the above #82 from my generous  benefactor, Richard Bradley, but the very first issue that I ever saw was the following, which was the third of the three chosen during my 1965 wet holiday in Barmouth, again attracted by the cover!
In this classic issue, #89, a former student of the Chief's, after falling into a vat of amino acids, finds himself able to transform himself into anything - animal, vegetable or mineral!  Bitter and twisted, he seeks revenge on the Chief, but just how can the Doom Patrol actually find someone who can become almost anything?
Because I enjoyed the above issue so much, when I saw the cover below, I snatched the comic up!
By the time I had finished the return of the A-V-M Man, that was it, - I was hooked on the DP and would buy every copy of the title that I came across in the spinner racks, so here are the covers to those I had : -
In here we see the debut of angry teen, Beast-Boy, who wanted to join the team!
After he is turned down, he will try his luck with the Teen Titans!
Uh-oh! - More havoc here, caused by Beast-Boy!
Perhaps not a good time to ask again if he can join?
Mind you, Cliff Steele wasn't exactly a model student, when he awoke from a car crash, only to find his brain inside a robot's body, as we learn from the back-up story, which continues in  the next issue, ( below ) : -
In the next issue, we see the DP teamed-up with the Challengers Of The Unknown in half of a two-part cross-over.
Plus, we meet another new wannabe member, Mento!
Flippin' eck! - Looks like it didn't turn out too good for the Challs, in the other half of this story!?

Now, how about this for a cover and an impressive - looking Super-Villain?!
In this issue and the next ( below ), the team have to face Mr. 103, a kind of evil version of Metamorpho, as he is named after the 103 naturally - occuring elements!
Another belter of a cover!  At first glance of this in the  spinner rack, I thought that the A-V-M Man was back yet again, until I read the blurbs!

Anyway, in the next issue I bought, the DP had finally let Beast-Boy join them!
After all, ....What harm can it do?
Phew! - It's all right! - They're not dead! ( -YET!! ), but here they are pitted against the evil Madame Rouge, a kind of malevolent "Elongated Woman"!
[ PLEASE NOTE, in this issue, there is no "THE" in the title! ]

In this, the last issue that I bought ( and yet another stonking cover! ), things are looking very bleak for Robotman!
Little did I know that things would get even worse for the DP, come the next issue!!


Tuesday, December 20, 2016


As I loved the Metal Men, it was only natural that Metamorpho, the Element Man would also appeal to me, as he was a kind of human "Metal Man" plus much more and he could also transform his body into any shape!

I can't remember just how Rex Mason got out of this situation, but I think if I were him, I would have morphed my head into a liquid element, like mercury and when it ran into my dismembered body parts, do the same with those until they were all joined up again. Then I would morph into a hard element!

If you haven't read this comic, I don't want to spoil it for you, -
But, the good Element Man wins !

It looks like E-Man had jumped down into a volcano here and caused a chemical reaction, making it erupt and propel him like a missile! - That's one way to fly!

Well, it had to happen, didn't it?  We have already had a second Element Man, so it was only going to be a matter of time before we had an Element Woman, wasn't it? - And, guess what? - These are the kind of stories that sell comics!
I know!
I bought them!

Friday, December 16, 2016


Now, we get to one of my favourite DC titles! - The Metal Men were shape-changing robots, created by Doc Will Magnus and each one had its own unique personality, which seemed to perfectly match the metal it was made out of!

In this issue, the first half of a two-parter, we see the Metal Men being pursued by an unstoppable Robot Juggernaut, hell-bent on mangling the Metal Men through its rollers and come the end of the ish, it actually does catch up with them all!
And in this issue, the Juggernaut Robot, having flattened the Metal Men, tips them into a smouldering cauldron to melt them down!  I actually bought this comic before the previous issue. It was my first Metal Men and one of the three comics I chose at the wet holiday at Barmouth in '65, attracted by that excellent cover by Andru & Esposito!
Anyway, to avoid getting melted, the Metal Men formed a huge alloy and was able to get out of the smelter, but the trouble was, the heat had affected their responsometers and the alloy went beserk on a rampage of its own!  Doc's only chance of stopping it was to reactivate their old adversaries, The Gas Gang!
But, it all ended OK, as the combination of all the different gases ( somehow? ) both separated and restored the robots to their former selves and they were able to defeat the Gas Gang!

This is the issue where the Metal Men face evil, Oriental Humpty-Dumpty lookalike, Dr. Yes, modelled on Wonder Woman's Egg Fu foe!

Here the team have to face plastic versions of themselves, created by an evil scientist, such as Polythene, Polyurethane and Polyethylene, etc.
There wasn't a Polystyrene, though, as he wouldn't have been very tough!

I thought that this Balloon Man looked suspiciously like a giant version of "Helium" from the Gas Gang!
The Gas Gang.

Here, they face returning nemesis, Chemo, who I used to pronounce "kemmo" ( and still do ! ) Well, chemistry, chemicals, etc. ! - It makes sense to me!

OH NO! - Not back into the melting pot again!? - Remember what happened last time!?

OH, DOUBLE-NO!! - The Doc's dead!
( I wonder how long for ?? )
And the answer to that question is, - "until the next issue"!  Because the Doc, now miraculously reincarnated, creates a second team of metal men out of different metals and they prove to be even more efficient than the first team!
But, don't you just know it, the new team run amok and so the original Metal Men have to be pitted against them!  After they win, as we all knew they would, the Doc deactivates the new robots and decides to keep them suspended, only to be used in reserve.

In this, the very last issue I ever bought, the Metal Men are fugitives, on the run.  I can't remember why, perhaps the Doc had died again and they got the blame?

Anyway, I really enjoyed all these and wish that I had them back again!  As it was,  I read that issue #10 so much that the cover came off, but I did manage to get hold of a replacement, albeit a tatty one!
One day, I really must read some of the new Metal Men, complete with their new member, the sarcastic female robot, Copper.
I have yet to meet her!

For any other fans of the Metal Men, I can highly recommended this following website!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Well, it seemed like a good idea when this was tried out in The Brave And The Bold, - putting Justice Leaguers' teenage sidekicks into a Super team of their own!
And it proved popular enough to get its own title. I only bought the three issues and by then, I was only buying my very favourite DC titles, in order to buy as many Marvels as I could afford.

The team consisted of the four core members.
But, hold on, - what about Speedy? - He was a teenage sidekick, too!
Ah, luckily, they heard my pleas!
Now, if they'd only add angry teen Gar Logan, aka Beast Boy from the Doom Patrol, they'd have themselves a team!
Hmmm,  maybe not? - Still angry, I see!
Perhaps he ought to take a couple of decades to calm down, then change his name and try to rejoin then?
Which is exactly what did happen!  When the New Teen Titans relaunched in the eighties, it proved to be much more successful. The new team were marketed as DC's answer to the All-New, All-Different X-Men of the seventies and even met them in a Marvel/DC crossover.
Even further into the future, when they were adults, the team was simply known as "The Titans"!

Thursday, December 08, 2016


I really did like the JLA as a kid.  Mainly because you got nearly all the DC super-heroes rolled into one comic book.  When I later discovered Marvel, I found the stories in The Avengers far more interesting and when I came back to the JLA to try again ( the final comic on the post, I found it to be a poor immitation of The Avengers and lost interest until the 1980's, when I started buying it again.
Anyway, enjoy this gallery of covers : -

This is the very first time that I ever saw the JSA, or any golden-age Earth II super-heroes!

Don't worry about it too much, Batman, because Metamorpho will actually say,  "Yes!" to the Outsiders in the 1980's!

A corker of a scrap here, in this JLA/JSA team-up!
And here is the second part of that two-part story! - This is the JLA comic book at its best!

Another JLA/JSA team-up and just look how Robin grew up on Earth II, whereas on Earth I he became Nightwing and then, Batman!
And again, the second part of this two-parter!

In this issue, I noticed that the JLA had an android amongst the ranks, in the shape of the Red Tornado. At the same time, I noticed that the Avengers had recruited an android, the Vision ( and both of these were reincarnations of Golden Age characters' names! )
But just who did it first and who copied who?!

Wednesday, December 07, 2016


I thought that I actually had more Flash comics than I actually did.  Looking through the covers, I saw many issues that I recognised, but these are the only ones that I can definitely say that I/we owned!

Don't you just know that by the end of the issue, something will happen to make him change his mind?
Let's just hope that he is quick enough, before someone nicks his costume!

It looks like Barry Allen may well have lost his day job and ended up on the dole!
I'm not surprised that he got the sack! - He was always late!!

The other half of that Green Lantern crossover and the two of them did make a great team-up!  If they didn't already start to do so, DC should have made it an annual event!

Now, this comic book was one of my brother's.  But, I chose it for him and brought it home for him, because I really wanted to read that two-Flash team-up reprint, having missed it the first time around. Apart from the Super Gorilla Grodd story, I wasn't all that bothered about the rest of the stories.

Over here in the UK,  T&P Comics briefly started reprinting Flash comics in black and white.
I definitely had this #1 and probably some other issues as well, but I cannot say for definate which ones from their covers!