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Thursday, October 27, 2016


Adventure Comics were synonymous with the Legion Of Super-Heroes for me, - they were well and truly established in the comic when I started reading the title. This is the first issue that I actually bought, where some of the Legionnaires were regressed to malicious infants!

Can Karate Kid really be a traitor to Earth? As usual, I can't remember, but I doubt it very much!

Here, Universo has mesmerised the entire LOSH into accepting him as one of them for his own evil ends! Who will be able to break his spell?

I never could resist a "brain" monster in comics! Here, the Legionnaires face an adversary worthy of the Doom Patrol, but which member actually dies?
I'll give you a clue! -
It's not Superboy!

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Here is a gallery of my Superman comics from my first collection. The above book was one of those in the batch given to me by Richard Bradley, the cover pretty much explains the story! I can't remember the outcome of the slugfest, but I'd bet on "good beating evil"!
This was the very first Superman book that I actually bought myself and I cannot remember anything particularly fascinating about the future Superman!
This comic cover had me puzzled! How could mere earth and water beings actually harm the man of steel? I am now betting on their being somehow controlled by magic, over which Supes had no power?
The imaginary stories were always a treat! Myself, I'm all in favour of having Lois's head carved on Mount Rushmore!
Again, a self-explanatory cover. How will he punish him? - My guess is to throw him into the
Phantom  Zone, to face Kryptonian villains angry at having their home planet blown up?
Just how will Supes escape execution on this a planet? Will he get his powers back in time? And more to the point, did he really kill Dyno-Man?
Now, what in tarnation is going on here? And just who is Superman's wife, as it's neither Lois or Lana! This looks very much to me like another of Mr. Mxyzptlk's cunning schemes?
....Except we all know that he won't kill him, as it's against his code, so a very misleading cover!
These final two tabloid-sized beauties I spotted shortly after the release of the first movie, and, although I hadn't bought any DC comics for a while, I simply couldn't resist the pull of these two!

Sunday, October 16, 2016


We all know that if Superman flies fast enough, that he can actually break the time barrier and can travel through time, but what would happen if he were to go so far in the future that our sun was dying and had turned red? Under a red sun, he would have no powers, so how could he possibly get back to his own time again?

So, here we have Superbaby back on Krypton, but as a giant!?
How did this happen? At least he shouldn't have his super powers there, so all they've got to do is shrink him back to size and send him to Earth....

Both of the above two comics were amongst a bundle given to me by another school chum, Richard Bradley!

At last! - An adversary worthy of Superman! I was so surprised to see this cover, because I thought that nothing but Kryptonite could actually hurt Superman, but here we saw a villain actually giving him a pasting!

What's this? Supergirl biffing Superman? Oh no it's only an imposter! But now he knows her secret identity!
 Only one thing to do! -- Biff him even harder, so that he gets concussion and amnesia!

The return of the Parasite! - And look at the damage he's doing to Supe's face!
How could I resist this cover?

Thursday, October 13, 2016



This was the first time that I ever saw 3-D and I was amazed at what I saw!
I never did get around to reading the story, - every time I opened it, I just got lost in the pictures!


Over here in the U.K., Thorpe & Porter, who distributed the American comic books, briefly tried the practice of recycling unsold comics, by removing the covers and rebinding four comics together as "DOUBLE DOUBLE" comics @ a budget price of only 1/9 in old money, which was only one old penny more than the price of two regular comic books. Naturally, I could not resist a bargain like that!
It was, however, pot luck as to which four comics were actually inside every cover! - It seems as every single combination was different and, although all the covers were of DC heroes, sometimes you would find a Marvel comic amongst the four!
As for mine, - well it contained the recent Batman "Eraser" and "Scarecrow" editions and a couple of Detective Comics, ( I think! )



World Distributors produced a run of eleven pocket library comics, which were illustrated text stories @ a shilling each. I picked up at least a couple of them, ( shown here ), maybe more, but as for the actual stories therein, I have them mixed up in my memory with the Batman text stories which appeared in TV Tornado!

To see the covers of all 11 of the issues published, click on the "ATOMIC AVENUE" page link below:-


Image courtesy of Tony's Trading!

Now, this book, which was originally published by Signet in the U.S.A., I remember picking up one Saturday, together with my very first Fantastic Four, from the newsagents that my Grandparents used to patronise. It was during one of my very many enjoyable weekend stays at Granny's and I remember distinctively reading it there on their settee! - It contained the ( at this point, previously unseen by me! ) origins of both Batman and The Joker, and a very enthralling read it was too, even though it was only in black and white!
I enjoyed it nonetheless for that!
Happy times!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


To compensate for my poor memory about the stories inside these comics, I am going to give you more covers per post!

I am curious to know how the Dynamic Duo got parts of themselves un-erased again?

This issue sees the debut of a brand-new villain, - The Scarecrow!
I can't honestly say that I was all that impressed with him, myself.
And if you have ever read "Judgment In Gotham", I found the ending, where he scared Judge Death away with images of bunnies and kittens, not only ludicrous, but hugely disappointing!
But they still thought him worthy of a part in "Batman Begins"!

This cover is a prime example that, in those days, you could "do" things in comics that you could never reproduce on screen!

I cannot remember anything about this issue, other than the cover made me buy it!

Batgirl AND Catwoman, fighting over Batman!
How could I possibly resist this issue?

Monday, October 10, 2016

80 Page Giant

Another bumper-sized compilation of old reprints from the pre-TV era!
The only story that I can actually remember anything about, though, was "The Ballad Of Batman", in which the entire story is told to us in rhyming song format, by a singing minstrel!
Very "Cat Ballou"!

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Hey, - no fair, Joker! - Using a person of diminutive stature against Batman? I mean, Batman can't exactly "SOCK!" him one, because that would be bullying and that would never do!!

That reminds me of the fight, where Thundra wiped the floor with the Thing!
I mean, what was he supposed to do? Punch a lady in the face or body?
No, he just had to take whatever she handed out to him!
But, I'll tell you what he should have done! - Put her over his knee and tanned her hide!
- That's what big John Wayne used to do to unruly fillies!
And you know, they'll respect you for doing it!

Saturday, October 08, 2016

80 Page Giant

Another corker of a read for less than the price of two DC comics!
Yes, here you get no less than six comics rolled into one!
And all of them taken from my favourite period in Bat history and all of which I had previously missed!
I did love  these 80 page giants!

Friday, October 07, 2016

Two covers for the price of one today!
At first glance, I thought, "Was this some kind of wake-up call to teach Robin responsibility?"
And then I noticed something, giving me cause to suspect that this Batman was, in fact, an imposter!!

Can you detect the clue, readers?

And, as for this one, - not even I know!
But, with a cover like this, who could resist this comic?

Thursday, October 06, 2016

80 Page Giant

Now, this edition was one HECKUVA read! - Six stories from my favourite period in the Batman comics - the Sci-Fi years! - And for only 1/6, old money!
(Yeah, I know that I'm in a minority of ONE, but, what can I say? - I was just the right age at the right time for those kinda stories to appeal to! )
Every tale was a winner, but my particular favourite had to be the Rainbow Batman, in which he appeared in a different colour Bat costume every day! All eyes were on him, the press were baffled! Why was he doing this?
The answer was revealed at the end to Robin, when Batman reverted back to his usual costume, - previously Dick had injured his arm, so Bruce was making sure that nobody noticed that Robin, also wasn't using one of his arms, so he made sure that all eyes were focused on him, until Dick's arm was better!

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Now, I hadn't seen this villainess on the telly, but she sure looked interesting! Of course, she did eventually make it to the big screen, played by Urma Thurman, but this was her debut, where she bewitched the dynamic duo, turning them against each other, after kissing them with poisonous lipstick!
I just hope, for her own sake, that she never licks her lips!

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Another issue from my village store and, as dramatic as this cover is, I just cannot remember who or what was behind that door?
However, I suspect that it was some sort of set up to give Robin a needed confidence boost?

Monday, October 03, 2016

Bat-mania was now well and truly all over the UK, with the TV shows every Saturday and Sunday, so who could resist a cover like this?
Again, purchased from that village store, where I was to spend such a long time on my knees, in front of that spinner rack!
And the proprietors never seemed to mind!

Sunday, October 02, 2016


I may as well stick with Batman for a while!

Our family had now moved to a quiet, picturesque village, but they did have a store there with the obligatory spinner rack for me to continue with my newly-found passion!