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Sunday, February 12, 2017


All three of these issues were given to me by Richard Bradley and I am now surprised to learn that I never actually bought one single copy of this title myself in the sixties!

This first issue came from a time when Space Ranger was the lead character in every issue.

But it was when the covers started showing stories like this that the title started to appeal more to me! Sadly, I can't remember the reason why red did turn to green?

I think, if I remember correctly, the.reason that only this man could see the aliens was because he had just had some new contact lenses fitted?

Anyway, after a while, DC shortened the title to just "UNEXPECTED" and I would buy the title again in the eighties, until it came to an end.


  1. Not only did I not buy one single issue of this title, JP, I don't remember ever reading one. Probably my loss.

    1. Hiya Kid, well if you liked the Atlas "weird" tales, you would have also liked those.from DC's "weird" titles too?
      You might have read some of the stories if you ever read any of the T&P equivalents to the Alan Class UK reprints?

  2. Never had any issues of this series. IIRC, the Space Ranger strip later moved over into Mystery In Space.

    1. Hiya, TC, I'm really sorry about yesterday, - I made a couple of typos in my reply to you, tried to delete my reply to do it again and ended up accidentally deleting your comment too!
      I was going to cut & paste it from my Gmails today and reply again, but no need now!
      So thanks for posting it again.
      Anyway, I didn't remember that, but upon checking some old covers, I see that he did indeed join Mystery In Space, alongside Adam Strange. It wasn't until slightly later, when Ultra, the Multi-Alien became the main cover star, that I found that title's covers attractive to buy and I shall be showing those in a couple of posts' time!