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Saturday, March 11, 2017


Here is a gallery of various assorted Marvel comics that I used to have : -

This above issue I found in my local village store, bought and read it, only to have it appear very soon after in Fantastic!  Power comics had almost caught up with the US imports!

The origin issue that I am still after to this day, is the Annual #6, where they make sense(?) of the Timely, Atlas and Marvel silver - age Caps!

Yes, I actually had a #1!  Why, oh why, didn't I keep hold of this one?

This looks very much to me like the new Iron Man knocking the old Iron Man into a smelter, guest starring the Avengers? But just who was inside the old Iron Man's armour?

The "Spider signal" behind DD would indicate that Spidey was also in the above issue?

Well, I had always wanted to see the Inhumans in their own strip, so when I saw this comic in 1971, I had to see what it was like? Unfortunately, I was somewhat disappointed in the story and came to the conclusion that the Inhumans really needed the interaction with the FF to interest me. I never bothered reading any more in this series!

When I came across the Uncanny X - Men #127 in the seventies, ( see two posts back! ), I also wondered what the Avengers were like in those days, but from the cover I saw, they didn't look much different to the last time I had seen them!  However, I did come across a group that I knew absolutely nothing about, containing the Hulk and a few  characters that were completely new to me, so I tried the above comic instead!
It transpired that the Defenders were a "none - team" (??), created by Doctor Strange and I did start buying it in the eighties, but it wasn't until they became "The New Defenders" that I became really keen.
This was because they contained three - fifths of the original X-Men!
At the end of the title's run, those 3 members would at long last reunite with the other original two members and the X - Factor would be born!
The original AND the new X-Men teams in two separate comics!
We were spoilt for choice in the 80's!


  1. IIRC, Daredevil #17 was a fairly typical "hero vs. hero" fight. DD and Spider-Man each mistook the other for a bad guy, and fought each other. Then they realized that the Masked Marauder had tricked them, and they teamed up to defeat him.

    Thor #138 was part of a serial about a war between the gods and the Trolls. Ulik (the Troll leader) stranded Thor on Earth without his hammer, and he was about to turn into the mortal Don Blake. To be continued next issue.

    I think (not absolutely sure) that a spy (maybe an LMD android) stole the newer armor and impersonated Iron Man in #18, so Tony Stark had to wear the older armor to fight him. The impostor fell into a vat of acid or something. And I believe the story tied in with Avengers #68 or #69.

    Sometimes spin-offs work, and sometimes they don't. The Inhumans were good as supporting characters, but just didn't seem as interesting in their own series, without the FF.

    What If #4, like that Captain America Annual, tried to sort out the various Captains America. Supposedly, in the late 1940's and early 1950's, the US government recruited the Patriot and/or the Spirit of '76 to impersonate Cap, to prevent his disappearance from causing a panic. Evidently, they weren't worried that anyone would miss the Patriot or the Spirit of 76.

    1. Hi TC, and my usual thanks for all the background info!
      Spidey and DD should have already known that each other weren't baddies, after already fighting each other in an early AS-M, before DD went "maroon"! Unless Spidey didn't recognise the new costume?
      It looked like it was the old Iron Man falling into the acid first on the cover, but I guess he must have survived!
      Thanks for the info. about What If #4. I shall read that (online!) next!

  2. I've got 5 of these issues, including Iron Man #1. Actually, it was Captain America Annual #6 that attempted to make sense of all the different Caps, not #1. It's on my blog somewhere.

    1. Oh great, thanks for that, Kid, I have been looking for the wrong one ( because of the cover of Annual #1 [...the origin of...] !) I'll visit you again next!

  3. Great selection of classics there John. I only have Amazing Adventures 5 from your list a great comic with Neal Adams art on the "Inhumans" and Gene Colan on "Black Widow" One thing (imho) that today's comic creators cannot do well is comics like this with more than one tale - AA was one of my favourite comics as this time. The Thor comic here are amongst my favourite strip every Kirby was (again imho) at his peak around this time. I think we have all gotten rid of early issues of comics and regretted it I binned the first issue of VIZ 20 mins after I got it in the post as being rubbish and lost or swapped X-Men 94 (first regular appearance of them) Spider-man 129 (Punisher) Batman 251 (with the classic Neal Adams cover) and so many more (not to mention the ones I still have that are tattered from reading and poor storage) BUT I enjoyed them at the time an that was their purpose.

  4. Hi McS, I have no idea of whether Marvel even attempt to do those twin-hero publications these days? I did like the TTA and TOS format, as it was like getting two comics for the price of one and once they separated, it used to cost twice as much!
    Yeah, Kirby was everywhere at this time and his art never did get any better than this! ( Some Nick Fury's coming up very soon in Strange Tales! )
    AA held more interest for me when the Beast mutated!
    And regrets?- I've had a lot, like throwing away TV 21's, Wham, Smash.and Pows, selling 2 collections, etc.
    But, we are so lucky to be able to revisit most of our losses on the internet, thanks to the selfless generosity of others, eh?