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Wednesday, March 01, 2017


The jewel in the crown amongst all the comics that Richard Bradley gave me, for me, had to be this one, TTA#27!
This comic showed the very first appearance of Henry Pym, from even before he became Ant-Man. When it came to selling my first comic collection, I just hadn't got the heart to let this one go, as it was my very oldest Marvel comic, so I kept this one out and I still have it to this very day! It is a bit worn, but it's a keepsake!
Anyway, here is a gallery of the rest of the TTA's that I managed to buy, before it became "The Incredible Hulk"  at #102!

TTA had ran out of Giant-Man stories, so they gave the SUBMARINE - er, ( as I still call him, to this very day! ) his own strip! My mate, Steve Hackett, did correct me at the time, but, "Nah! - I prefer it my way!"

 I think this announcement was not meant as a betrayal, - more likely to save his life from old Thunderbolt Ross?

 One of the really good Hulk scraps of the time here, others being  fights with Thor and Subby! But, my very favourite of all time had to be that epic Hulk vs. Thing battle in FF's #25&#26!

 This issue was, believe it or not, the very FIRST TTA that I came across and the second-ever Marvel comic that I ever bought! ALL of the covers shown before this arrived over here after this one! ( probably got held up as ships' ballast again!? ) Anyway, following my discovery that the Hulk was a (green!) Marvel character, I went out looking for a modern-day comic with him in and came across this one! After this, I would grab any comic I came across containing old greenskin. Hence the collection on this page!

Here, he is pitted against a foe, made even more powerful than himself by gamma radiation!
If you thought the Hulk was bad, wait till you meet The Abomination!


  1. Presumably, "The Man in the Ant Hill" was intended as a one-off. Later, when they ditched the science fiction anthology format and replaced it with superhero series, they brought Pym back as Ant-Man.

    I think (not 100% sure) that the Hulk was missing and presumed dead in TTA #77, so Rick didn't see any harm in blurting out the truth to Major Talbot and General Ross.

    1. I got that impression too, with the Henry Pym / Ant-Man origin.
      It's been so long since I read that Hulk story that I can't remember why, but I suspect that your recollection is the right one!

  2. 'Pitted against a foe" - I see what you did there, JP.

    1. I was sorely tempted to use a capital "P" as well, Kid, but then thought, "Nah, I'm not THAT conceited !"
      [ I AM, really!! ]