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Friday, March 03, 2017


Here are the covers of the Spider-Man comics that I bought in the silver age!

 As you can see from the above, I had quite a soft spot for the Lizard!
I didn't buy the issue below, - yet another mate at school, Dave Gilligan, was reading this in the classroom and I asked if I could read it after he had finished with it and, to my surprise, he replied, "After I have finished with it, you can have it."! This seemed to be a common theme amongst my peers! - After they had read them once, they had no further need for them! "Keepers", like myself, seemed to be very rare!
Oh well, all the better for collectors, like me, eh?

I was puzzled by the cover of this comic. Spidey had super strength, so how on Earth could a villain with no Super-powers swing him around, as if he were a rag doll? - Even if he was a big buggah!


I only ever came across issue #1 of this magazine, which was in black and white. I would have also loved to have came across issue #2, which was in full colour, as well! I definitely would have bought that one too!


  1. You've used the reprint edition of SSM #1, JP - the original is on my blog somewhere, along with the cover to #2 as well. I think the only ASM comic I bought in the '60s is the Romita one in which he fights Quicksilver. However, I did buy some of the Marvel Collectors' Item Classics and Marvel Tales reprints which featured Ditko Spidey stories in the '60s as well.

    1. Aha! - Thanks for pointing that out to me, Kid! That's what I get for rushing! I've changed them over now! Cheers!
      Yep, much like yourself MOST of the Ditko Spideys were first enjoyed in colour by me in Marvel Tales. Along with MCIC, that's where I caught up on what I had missed in colour!

  2. Well, back then (what we now call the "Silver Age"), comics were cheap, disposable entertainment for kids. A lot of kids, like your schoolmate Dave, read them once and threw them out in the trash. Or gave them away, or traded them. So, relatively few survived in good condition. Which is why they are so danged expensive now. The supply is lower than the demand.

    I had only a few then-new issues of ASM. In fact, I probably had more Marvel Tales issues, with Spider-Man reprints, than I had issues of Spidey's own self-titled comic.

    I did have #45, with the Lizard. I think that was the one where Spider-Man's arm was injured, and he was worried that when people saw him (as Peter Parker) with his arm in a sling, they would suspect his identity. So he claimed that he had been hurt in a motorcycle wreck.

    That may have also the issue where Stan goofed and referred to the villain as the Scorpion when he meant the Lizard. After a while, all of those villains probably started to look alike.

    I first saw Electro in Daredevil Annual #1, and I didn't know at the time that he had previously fought Spider-Man, although I later read a reprint of ASM #9 in Marvel Tales.

    I had a Spider-Man Annual or Special where the Avengers considered him for membership. He fought the Hulk in that story. I gave that comic to a classmate who was more of a Marvel fan than I was.

    That same classmate later showed me his copy of Spectacular Spider-Man #1, the B&W magazine. AFAIR, the lead story was a routine (for Marvel) superhero-fights-villain battle. The back-up story was more interesting (to me, anyway). It retold Spider-Man's origin, which I hadn't known before.

    1. Whereas, even in those days, I, myself saw comics as collectors' items. Something to treasure and revisit!
      As I've just mentioned, I too, was able to catch up on the earlier stories in Marvel Tales.
      That arm injury story was vaguely reminiscent of Robin in the Rainbow Batman!
      I didn't actually notice Stan's "Scorpion" gaff, but I've got to confess that I sometimes used to get these two particular adversaries mixed up myself!
      Yup, the back-up story TSS-M#1 was indeed a retelling of the origin story from Amazing Fantasy =15 and might very well have been the very first time that I had ever seen the story as well as yourself!

    2. Maybe Spider-Man should have asked Daredevil to accompany him while he chased the Lizard. Then DD could have worn a series of different colorful costumes, so everyone would look at him and not at Spidey.

      At the time, I didn't realize the line about the Scorpion instead of the Lizard was a mistake, until some readers pointed it out on the letters page in a later issue. When Spider-Man said something like, "The lab was wrecked when the Scorpion went on a rampage," I thought maybe he was referring to a previous issue that I had missed.

    3. Yeah, THAT would have worked, TC!
      Nice one!
      I would STILL have been oblivious to the Scorpion line, if you hadn't pointed it out to us!
      I obviously either didn't read that particular letters page, or the issue it was published in!