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Wednesday, March 08, 2017


And now, may I proudly present a gallery of covers of original X - Men comics that I once used to own!
The Juggernaut was one of my favourite X - adversaries, - he was so unstoppable, like a    like a    juggernaut! He was kept safe in the cellar, behind a locked door, with strict instructions to the X-Men, "Whatever you do, under no circumstances EVER open that door!"
I wonder how he got out?

Now this was the very first X-Men comic that I ever bought and ever read, even before Fantastic #1, attracted by the cover! And what a cover it was! And what an enemy! And what a story! And what an absolutely stupendous introduction to the X-Men!
I wanted more of these!

A fine gang of Super-Villains here! I remember reading this comic, whilst sat in my Dad's car, parked in the car park, whilst my Dad was in the Bookies!
He eventually emerged, with a glum expression on his face, with his trouser pockets turned inside-out!
Every week!

Yippee! - The Mimic is back! And this time they allow him to join the team!

This issue sees the debut appearance of the Banshee, who will also join the X-Men in the future!

As he "mimicked" the powers of all six X-Men and was therefore the strongest, Professor X made the Mimic the team leader. Here he has to battle an amalgamation of all six Avengers!
So it was like the X-Men versus the Avengers!
But who will win?

All right! Who left that bloody door open again?
Yep, Juggy's back in this two-parter!

The X-Men were warned, "Beware of the Spider!"
So when a friendly, neighbourhood Spider-Man just happened along, minding his own business, the X-Men thought that he had come to attack them and got in there first!
But, it turned out that the real  threat was a robotic spider and after successfully defeating that, they invited Spidey to join them ( which I would really have liked to have happened! )
But, you know Spidey, - he worked alone!

LOVE the new costumes for the team here!
Essentially Jean's!
Not  so keen on Iceman's!
I thought it a bit strange here that for their first outing, they had to face Frankenstein's monster!? Little did I know that his old mate, Dracula would become big in Marvel comics in the next decade!

Well, shortly after this, they changed their minds and reincarnated the Prof., explaining it away by saying that it was a mutant, called The Changeling that had died!

Now then, the Angel had started out like a bit of a spoilt rich kid, but over the course of time, much like Hawkeye, I proudly watched him mature into a valuable, reliable member of the team!

Well, not quite the end just yet, but the writing was on the wall!

I think that this story may have been called, "To the Devil - a daughter!"  The Devil being Magneto and his daughter, Lorna Dane! She, too, would become a future member, called Polaris!

I think the villain in this issue was the Pharoah?
Anyway, shortly after this, Marvel seemed to have ran out of X-Men stories and just started publishing reprints with different covers!
I never did find out why?

Fast-forward in time to the mid-seventies and I happened to notice some Marvel comic books in a shop in Darlington and I thought to myself, "Hmmm, - I wonder what the X-Men are up to these days?" And so, I bought this to try and saw that it was a new team! - Cyclops and Banshee, I knew already, but there were four characters completely new to me, including one with claws, called Wolver-EYE-ne!
And weird goings on in Muir Island!
I could start getting interested in this again....


  1. Spidey had enough problems without having to take on the X-Men, too.

    I think Marvel may have used the title "To the Devil...a Daughter" more than once. I seem to remember it also being in a Defenders story from the early 1980's. (Or maybe it wasn't the actual title, but a blurb on the cover.) It may have also been the title of a horror movie. But my memory could be playing tricks.

    I had an issue of Marvel Triple Action that reprinted X-Men #45. MTA was usually Avengers reprints, but they included "When Mutants Clash" because it was Part One of a story that continued in Avengers #53.

    The Adaptoid had first appeared in a three-part story in Tales of Suspense. At first, he was just the ordinary, every day, plain Adaptoid, and impersonated Captain America, but then he gained the combined powers of all of the Avengers, and became the Super Adaptoid. After his fight with the Mimic, he next showed up in Avengers #45.

    So, since Professor X didn't really die, #42 was not a dream, and not an imaginary story, but it was, in fact, a hoax.

    1. And obviously an afterthought, TC. I reckon that they did initially intend him to die, but then changed their minds, when they couldn't think of any othet storyline? I always found their explanation a bit lame, even as a youth!
      I am wondering who the "Devil's daughter in the Defenders was? I shall have to check! My money's on Patsy Walker becoming Hellcat!
      Yep, "To The Devil, - A Daughter" was a UK Hammer horror movie, starring Christopher Lee, based on a novel by Dennis Wheatly. I took the missus to see it at the flicks, when we were courting!

      Yup, issue #111, - she had recently been possessed in Demonic form!

  2. Number 45 of The X-Men is the only one out of those you've shown that I remember actually having. (It was also reprinted in #93, as well as MTA.) However, apart from the last four, I read all the others in the pages of Fantastic.

    1. Yeah, most of them were in Fantastic and quite often there wouldn't be too great a time lapse between my reading the same story in the two different publications! Similarly, I see so many X-Men ( and Avengers, for that matter! ) covers that I only had in Fantastic and Terrific! But, with both teams, I would buy every US title that I came across, irrespective of whether or not I had / would read it in black and white!

  3. The original X-Men was for me, a really strange comic. Everything about it seemed really exciting the name was intriguing, the characters and their powers looked so cool and mutants (new to me back then) sounded amazing but when I eventually got my first issue (issue 79 a reprint of issue 31 shown here - 79 had a cool Gil Kane drawn cover) I found them (shock horror) BORING - When Marvel UK reprinted those early stories I thought I'll give them a second chance (and I think by then I was reading the Dave Cockrum 70S run which I loved) sad to say I just never understood (and still don't) why so many folk adore this series. A few years ago (about 30) I picked up a few of these comics issues 43 ans 46 and a few of the excellent New Adams run which I still have. Issue 17 the red cover by Kirby is a wee cracker.

    1. Hi McScotty, I guess it's all a matter of when you were born? If, like me, you had gradually grown up getting to know the original team from the start, following them week by week or month by month and, most importantly of all, before there was any such thing as the All-New, All-Different X-Men, perhaps you might have had the same interest and affection for them as myself, and others like me?
      Don't get me wrong, I did also like the new team, once I eventually discovered them as well, but, if I had to choose, I would come down on the side of the first team, every time! Perhaps I / we may be in a minority, as there are undoubtedly many, many more younger comic fans than people my age and we are all influenced by the times we grow up in!
      Anyway, thanks for dropping by, mate and for taking the time to comment.
      I suspect when I eventually get around to showing my 80's X-Men covers, that those will be more your cup of tea?

  4. Hi John - The original Xmen were probably the ones from my generation I just never really got around to reading them until 1972 when I read that reprint issue - I think I may have read a few guest appearance issue is other books (maybe even the old Power comics) As you say its when you remember them frm the Avengers to me wiLl always be Goliath/Giant Man , Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Cap, Thor, Iron Man Scarlet Witch and Vison

    1. Whereas, when I picked up my bunch of Power comics every Saturday, the X-Men was the very first strip I would turn to!
      Yep, that would be my ideal Avengers line-up too, with the Wasp! ( I know, I know, she's EASILY forgotten, poor girl! )
      Ha, ha!