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Monday, April 17, 2017


The Daleks were only featured in TV Century 21 for the first two years of the comic's lifespan, gracing the back page for 104 issues, but that was by no means the full story of the ( "Doctorless" ) Daleks own comic strips!
But, before that, the TV 21 strips themselves have been reprinted many times throughout the years in various Doctor Who and Daleks publications : -
The first time a TV 21 Daleks strip was reprinted in any comic or magazine was in the Doctor Who Holiday Special, 1973, ( above ). The strips were in black and white.

The next time that any would be reprinted in a comic would be in the above Doctor Who Mighty Midget, given away free with the Mighty TV Comic. Again these were in black and white.

The second Mighty Midget giveaway was a Star Trek edition and although it didn't contain any Daleks reprints, I thought that you might like to see the cover, anyway?

When Marvel UK started publishing Doctor Who Weekly, in issue #33 they started reprinting these Daleks strips again in black and white, retitled as "The Daleks' Tapes"! The reprints continued throughout the transition into a monthly magazine at issue #44 and lasted until issue #68, by this time the strip had reverted back to colour again and had taken its rightful position on the back page!

In the nineties, Marvel UK also published a sister publication, Doctor Who Classic Comics, which also reprinted these classic Daleks strips, amidst vintage Doctor Who comic strips. The title lasted for 27 issues, plus an Autumn Special!

Very few copies exist of this ultra - rare 100 page Proof Book, which never made it to print!

Finally, all 104 episodes were gathered together in this Marvel UK Doctor Who ( Summer ) Special!

But, the story didn't end there as writer, John Lawrence and artist, Ron Turner had two more stories to tell, the first of which was published in the six issues of the Doctor Who Magazine, - #249 to #254!

Sadly though, Ron Turner passed away before he got a chance to draw the second tale, but the unlettered first two pages were shown in TDWM issue #276!

But, John Lawrence has told this last tale, with the rest of the story being finished by Lee Sullivan in the Vworp, Vworp! Magazine issue #3, shown below with three different variant covers!

But, even before TV Century 21 had started, its initial Daleks strip writer, David Whitaker and artist, Richard Jennings had produced the very first annual! - The Dalek Book, 1965 came out for Christmas, 1964! The stories and strips therein could ( arguably? ) very well have taken place after all 104 TV 21 strips and the whole lot may very well be seen as a prelude to this book?

A very similar image to that on the cover of the first annual was used for the boxes of the Cadets sweet cigarettes packets!
The first 25 cards to be collected in these came in packets with the design below on the reverse of the packets : -
Whereas cards numbers 26 to 50 came in packets with the image below on the reverse side : -

Some of the pictures from that first annual were used in the Painting Book below : -

Whereas, this painting book used drawings of stills from the film, such as those used in the Dr. Who And The Daleks U.S. Dell comic book!

The Dalek Pocketbook paperback, below, also used some pictures reprinted from that first annual!

The Dalek World, 1966 was the second annual published for Christmas, 1965, containing many new strips : -

Pictures from both the first annual and the first movie were used inside this puzzle book : -

The Dalek Outer Space Book, 1967 was published in time for the Christmas market of 1966 and contained more new strips and stories : -

The annual below came out in time for Christmas, 1975 and contained new strips : -

In 1976, the book below contained some TV21 Daleks strips reprinted in colour : -

Also in 1976, came this book, which included a new strip!

At the end of the year, the annual below included some more TV 21 strips reprinted in colour, as did the following year's annual!

In 1978, an Activity Book and a Colouring Book came out....

....As did this annual for the end of the year, containing some new strips!


But, it doesn't end with the aforementioned comic strips! There are also some excellent CGI Daleks comic strips, like The Great War by Trevor and Laurie Sproston : -
And the Dalek Adventure Omnibus by Iain McClumpha, which is made up of many "heavily influenced by Ron Turner", TV Century 21 - type strips!
And the epic 714 page CGI Graphic Novel, Mechmaster's Second Empire! If you thought that Zeg  versus The  Emperor was good, you really should see the Emperor versus Xenol!
Finally, so successful was Second Empire, that Mechmaster has brought out a prequel, Trapped In Amber, featuring a Dalek / Mechanoid battle to end all battles!

And, as a kind of postscript, here is  one which I hope might happen one day!


  1. Ah, The Daleks. Who doesn't love the irrepressible little scamps? I know I do.

    1. I love them so much that I had to give them a post of their own! As I am also featuring reprints and beyond - TV 21 Gerry Anderson publications over on "The Anderson Files", I wanted to give the same consideration to my favourites, The Daleks and I felt the post would fit in very nicely over here? I would have gotten around to showing them sooner or later, anyways!