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Sunday, April 02, 2017


For April's "Gallery Of The Month", I have gathered together many more Hulk covers, including loads of first appearances in a particular title, plus a few surprises thrown in, like some classic battles / covers and much more!
- A "Hulk Extravaganza"!


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    1. And there are probably many, many more that I don't even know about!?

  2. I had a few issues of Astonish when it was the Sub-Mariner/Hulk "split book," and a few more after it became the Hulk's self-titled solo comic, but I didn't really collect it, or buy it regularly. I probably saw more of the character in Marvel Collector's Item Classics reprints, guest-starring appearances in other comics, and Marvel Super Heroes cartoons on TV.

    The first Marvel comic I ever had, AFAIR, was Marvel Super Heroes Special #1 (1966). It reprinted Avengers #2, which was when the Hulk left the team.

    I also had Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3, where he fought the Hulk. During the fight, the Hulk changed back into Banner, and he explained how the nuclear accident had turned him into the monster in the first place. That may be where I first learned the Hulk's origin.

    I never collected the Sub-Mariner or Mar-Vell regularly, either, but I did have Sub-Mariner #34 and #35, and Captain Marvel #21, all of which guest starred the Hulk. That Sub-Mariner two-parter was sort of a precursor to The Defenders.

    And I had that two-part story by Harlan Ellison that began in Avengers #88 and continued in Hulk #140. Also, that paperback book that reprinted Hulk (first series) #1-6.

    The TV series was very popular circa 1980. "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!" That became a national catch phrase here in the US at the time.

    That fuzzy "pre-hulk" in Journey Into Mystery looks like a cousin of Gossamer, the furry monster encountered by Bugs Bunny and Duck Dodgers (Daffy Duck) in some animated cartoons.

  3. Hiya TC, I, too, lost a bit of interest shortly after TTA became the Incredible Hulk and didn't buy any solo Subby's either, - there were just too many titles to afford!
    Yeah, I had that Marvel Super-Heroes Annual too!
    Some of those titles you mentioned, though, I missed out on at the time and, as they sound integral to the story of the Hulk, I'll slip them into the gallery later in the week!

  4. You've got some doublers, JP. A few of the images are repeated.

    1. They are variant covers, Kid, e.g. US and UK editions!

    2. Ach, behave, JP, it's stretching things to repeat an image just because it's got a shilling price on it instead of a cents one. This post would've been better with less, not more. Trust me, I'm a doctor. Incidentally, there's a better image of the 1978 U.K. Hulk Annual on my blog somewhere. Hint.

    3. Just call me "Stretcho", Kid!
      Seriously, I know you're right, but I just couldn't help myself! I did get a bit carried away though.
      Never mind, next month's gallery will be a reasonable size, but, be warned I do have another bumper batch planned for the end of the.year!
      Thanks for the Hulk Annual pic, will swap them over, but right now, I've got a bigger problem, as some of the pix seem to have disappeared!?