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Friday, April 07, 2017


The third bunch of Power Comics' covers coming up for you now, together with the original images that these covers were taken from : -

I actually prefer the Fantastic cover to the.original, with the Angel coloured in! I would have liked it even more, if they had coloured Wanda and Pietro correctly!


  1. Regarding Fantastic #8 and X-Men #5, if you look closely, you'll see the Angel's face has been redrawn and some 'highlights' added to his figure. On the original published cover, there were more hues to the figure, so the one you have here comes from a less 'archival' source. Jack originally drew Iceman where Cyclops is, and Cyclops where Iceman is, but they were redrawn and the Angel figure changed before publication, so the cover here seems to be a hybrid of the first and second versions. (To see the original unchanged version, see the very first printing of X-Men Masterworks.) As for Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch's costumes, Pietro's was coloured blue and Wanda's green on the original published covers, despite not matching the interior colour scheme for their cossies. Amazing, eh?

    1. You know, Kidda, I thought that that X-Men #5 cover ( from Comic Vine ) didn't look quite right! I shall seek out an original and add that!
      And thanks for all the additional background info. - all of which was news to me!

    2. X-Men #5 is on my blog in a cover gallery, JP.

    3. Cheers, Kid, will swap them over!

  2. Never had the British comics, and the originals were slightly before my time, but I remember some of them from reprints elsewhere.

    Iron Man vs. Kala, Queen of the underground world was reprinted in Marvel Collector's Item Classics, and I probably had a Marvel Tales that reprinted that Spider-Man vs. the Lizard story.

    In the early 1980's, there were paperback book reprints of Silver Age and Bronze Age Marvels, and one of them reprinted both the origin of Wonder Man and the first appearance of the Vision. And "The Avengers Break Up" was reprinted in the 1970's in Marvel Triple Action.

    The latter introduced the villain Immortus, who could conjure up characters from history and mythology. The Avengers had to fight Paul Bunyan, Goliath (the Biblical giant), Hercules, and Merlin the Magician. Maybe the adversaries were illusions, though. The Hercules in this story seemed different from the one who later became an Avengers member, and Merlin and Thor did not recognize each other, although they had fought in Journey Into Mystery. (Or, if the JIM story came later, Thor and Merlin didn't seem to remember having met in the Avengers story.)

    Maybe Marvel later did a six-issue serial or something to explain it all. I think there was an Avengers Annual sometime around 1980 that revealed that Immortus, Kang, Rama-Tut, and maybe Doctor Doom were all the same person.

    1. Hi TC, yeah, I had that particular Marvel Tales too.
      It's a pity that the Avengers didn't have this showdown with Immortus about a year after this, as I would really have liked to have seen Avengers Goliath and Hercules fighting their own namesakes!
      I much prefer this original Wonder Man incarnation though to the ( boring!) red-jacketed version, who became an Avenger!