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Friday, August 04, 2017


During the silver age of DC comics, if there was one thing to look out for, it was the superb value Giant comics! These were always a brilliant read and summed up what DC comics were all about! So, I have gathered together here in one gallery all of the Superman + related Giants for your perusal, for this month's "Gallery Of The Month"!
Don't you just want to read every single one of them?


  1. DC Annuals were a little before my time, but I had several 80-page Giants.

    I had Superman #193 and #202, which seems odd, since I usually skipped issues that had imaginary stories or Bizarro.

    I had Superboy #138. I remember seeing it on the spinner rack and getting excited, as I had seen ads for it in other DC comics and had been eagerly awaiting it. And it was another comic that I bought and read during a visit to my late grandparents' home. I remember there was a tongue-in-cheek story with an alien super horse who visited Earth. And that "Duel of Super Boys" story introduced a Kryptonian villain named Dev-Em. He later reformed and became a good guy space cop, and worked with the Legion in Adventure Comics.

    The Superman Fortress of Solitude issue and the Jimmy Olsen issue with the disguises both look familiar. I never had them, but I saw ads for them in other DC comics.

    And I had Justice League #48. You can see how the cover played up Batman. It was 1966, when the TV series was popular and the Batman fad was sweeping the country.

    And I had World's Finest Comics #161, #170, and #179. The latter reprinted Superman #76 and WF #94. Each had a different version of how the heroes first met. So the foreword to "The Mightiest Team In the World" was edited. Instead of saying that Superman and Batman had never met, it said that they did not know each other's secret identities. So it became DC Silver and Bronze Age canon that the story in WF #94 was their first meeting, and the story in Superman #76 was how they learned each other's secret identities.

    1. Hiya TC, sorry for the late reply, but thanks again for all of the usual background info. You did well to have had so many, I only had the Superboy anmual out of this lot, but yearned after all the rest when I saw them advertised in other comics. The trouble was, I only had a certain amount of pocket money and, at this time, I had been well and truly "Bat" brainwashed, so that's where a lot of it went!
      Looking back, I suppose old Supes could've seen Batmam's real face at any time with his X-ray vision, but I guess he was too much of a gentleman to cheat, like that?

  2. I always loved DCs 80/100 page specials as a kid the covers always made me want to pick them up although truth be told some of the stories were not great - I have about 5 of these in my collection and wold love a few of those New Adams covers

    1. Hiya McS, sorry about the late reply, gonna have to go on hiatus for a while, due to renovations I have been persuaded to start!
      I would love all of them and, given time, will read them digitally one day?

  3. Superboy #129 (aka 80 Page Giant #G-22) reprinted the origin and first appearance of Mon-El, who went on to become one of the most popular members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

    The post-Crisis reboots in the 1980s meant that the Superboy spin-offs had to be retconned. Mon-El's name was changed to Valor, and Dev-Em became a native of Daxam (Mon-El's home planet) instead of Krypton. IIUC, John Byrne wanted to re-establish the premise of Superman as the only surviving Kryptonian.

    1. Hiya TC and thanks for that additional info. I know absolutely nothing about the post - Crisis DC universe. To me, Mon-El will always be that legionaire in red and there is no harm in having one or two other surviving Kryptonians crop up every so often!
      In fact, weren't the whole of Kandor released upon the world in the 2000's?

    2. I know Kandor was restored to normal size on another planet and/or in another dimension, in a Superman story in 1979. That had been mentioned in some 1960s Superman Family comics (Adventure, World's Finest) stories that took place in the 30th century.

      I *think* a post-Crisis reboot restored some Silver Age concepts, including Kandor in a bottle, and there may have been a later story where it was enlarged on another planet. Again.

      And Mon-El/Valor has been killed off and revived a couple of times.

      It's impossible to maintain interest when they constantly make changes, and then undo them later. With all the retcons and reboots, I have no idea what is canon now.

    3. Spot on, TC, I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce Wayne isn't brought back to life, if he isn't already!

  4. Season's Greetings to all.